Workshop on Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis Using R

Dates:  March 21-23, 2019


Systematic review and meta-analysis is the base for Evidence informed decision making. In recent time there are many systematic reviews with observational studies to estimate the burden of disease or to identify the possible risk factor for a particular disease. Though, the methodology of conducting systematic review is the similar to intervention reviews, meta-analysis using the observational studies are changeling. This type of meta-analysis will be possible only with the statistical software like STATA, R and Comprehensive Meta-Analysis.

R software is now widely used in the research community and it’s free. This course is designed to understand the steps of performing meta-analysis using R.

Type of workshop: presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises

Aim: Participants will be able to learn the method of conducting high quality Systematic Review and Performing  meta-analysis using the open source R software.

Who may attend?

Authors who are planning to conduct non-Cochrane systematic reviews and meta-analysis using observational studies.

Researchers interested in learning R software.

What you will learn.  

  • Steps on conducting Systematic Reviews
  • Meta-analysis and its significance
  • Introduction to R
  • Meta-analysis Using R

Prerequisite: Laptop with R software installed from internet.

Reading:  Read at least a single systematic review from Cochrane free to access. Schwarzer G, Carpenter JR, Ru¨cker G. Meta-Analysis with R. Springer 2015


  • March 21, Day1 and March 22, Day2: 9.00 am to 4.30 pm 
  • March 23, Day 3: 9.00 am to 12.00 noon

Cost: Cost: INR 5000/- (Inclusive of GST)  per person for healthcare professionals from educational and healthcare institutes.

INR 10000/- (Inclusive of GST) per person for industry sponsored participants. 

Course faculty:    Prof. Prathap Tharyan,   Richard Kirubakaran, 

Venue:   IRB Meeting Room, Christian Medical College, Bagayam,Vellore

Cost: INR 5000/- (Inclusive of GST)  per person for healthcare professionals from educational and healthcare institutes.

INR 10,000/- (Inclusive of GST) per person for industry sponsored participants. 

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Cancellation charges : In case of cancellation of registration,  25% of administrative charges will be deducted and the remaining alone will be refunded.

While filling the online registration form, please submit the details of your NEFT transaction number.  NEFT Detailed pdf is attached with the registration form

* Participants from CMC: Please transfer the registration fees to the Cochrane South Asia account number 22P145  and forward the copy of the letter sent to the Treasuer to

During the workshop

·         Lunch and refreshments would be provided on all days.

·         The registration charges do not cover travel and stay arrangements, which would be the individual responsibility of the participants. Please see the following section on accommodation in external guest houses that are near the workshop venue.

·         Please bring your own laptops for hands-on practice on all days. Convenient charging points would be available. Laptops with 10-11 inch screen-size are NOT ideal for convenient handling of these software, though they do work; bigger screen sizes would be preferable.

·         Arrangements would be in place to provide wireless internet access at the workshop venue (password protected access- permits only one device per person). Connecitivity might not be dependable at all times. Participants are encouraged to bring personal modems/dongles for internet connectivity.

·         For transport assitance from the nearby Railway Station (Katpadi) or the Nearest Airport (Chennai) please email EJ Paul at


      The following are the suggested options for accommodation close to the workshop venue. Participants are requested to directly cotact these guest houses for further information and booking as per availability. 

     Anand Bhavan :  This is a private guest house, about 5 minutes' walk from the workshop venue. For booking enquiries, please contact Ms Desmond @ +919894065469 or via email at  Based on room availability, you might be required to make advance payment of the booking charges (INR 500 Per day) to Ms. Desmond’s Bank account.

VMS Lodge - 10 min walk from CMC Medical College, Mobile No :+91 9152797198

Other hotels @ Vellore

Darling Residency – 4 km from venue

khanna Fiesta - 4 km from venue

Hotel Surabhi International – 4 km from venue

Baby Residency – 4 km from venue

Hotel Palm tree – 6 km from venue

Hotel GRT Sameera – 10 km from venue

Hotel Benzpark - 10 km from venue

Vanavil Veedu - 5 Min walk from CMC Medical College

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