Networking Centres in South Asian countries 

Welcome to the website of Cochrane South Asia

Cochrane South Asia is one among 14 independent centres of Cochrane, an international organization of individuals and institutions that seeks to help healthcare providers, policy makers, patients, their families, advocates and others make well-informed decisions about health care by preparing, updating and promoting the accessibility of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.  These reviews are published online in The Cochrane Library and are freely accessible to everyone in South Asia, and many other parts of the world.

We provide training and mentoring for authors to develop protocols for, and complete, systematic reviews and meta-analysis of the effects of interventions relevant to healthcare in the region and to the world. We disseminate the results of these systematic reviews through evidence summaries, presentations, workshops, mailing lists, newsletters, and other means. We attempt to inform health policy by working with clinicians and health providers, and policy makers, in accessing, understanding, using, and preparing systematic reviews of relevant healthcare interventions. We work towards improving the design, responsible conduct, and reporting of research, particularly interventional research, in the region.

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